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Poetry in the Subway

Poetry in the Subway 집에 가자 성영은 집에 가자우리를 기다리고 있는 곳으로 아무도 없어도 따뜻한 곳으로 길 위에 헤매고오늘이 길어도언젠가는 돌아갈 곳 조금 늦게 와도 돼들어와 끈적이는 몸을 씻고닦아놓은 내일로 가자깨끗하게 닦아 빛나는 곳으로 가자 Let’s go home Seong Youngeun Let’s go homeTo the place that waits for usTo the place that stays warm thoughContinue reading “Poetry in the Subway”

The Meaning of Homestay

The Meaning of Homestay “방갑다 (bang-gab-da), adjective “To be glad or joyful when meeting someone you have missed or achieving something you desire.” – Naver Dictionary It is different this time. The difference lies not just in one thing, but in many. It lies in the experience of rejoicing in the taste of on-flight bulgogiContinue reading “The Meaning of Homestay”

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